Gracias a la vida
Titel: GRACIAS A LA VIDA - Resozialisierungsprojekt Teil 1
Producers SÜDDEUTSCHER KUNSTVEREIN´- Ausstellungsreihe am Fahnenmast
Opening Hours Mo.-So. 9-18 Uhr gemäß den aktuellen Corona Regeln
Locaction: Fahnenmast des Bergcafes Reusten, Am Kirchberg 14 72119 Reusten fon:01631733715

GRACIAS A LA VIDA - Resocialisingproject part 1


DO. 13.5.2021 6:00 p.m. on the Kirchberg above the Bergcafe under current corona rules

The Süddeutsche Kunstverein is starting a new series outside of its own exhibition spaces,

The exhibition object is always a flag on the pole of the mountain café. The dimensions are usually 300cm x 150cm and there should be 4 flags from different, invited artists in the course of the year.

Under certain conditions a flag has something sublime.

One condition is size, another is the wind, and its history also plays a not unimportant role. Today the flag is generally known as a symbol of states and cities, of convictions and claims.

In connection with art, it appears again and again, usually as a sequence.

A single flag in Reusten, a small village between Tübingen and Stuttgart, located at the height, in the garden of a well-known excursion café, on the side of a golden church tower cock, does not seem to change the course of the world.

That's right.

In the best case, it blows and reaches one or the other hiker, wanderer with her movement, with a picture.

Interestingly enough, it closes off in the weather for excursions - calm, blue skies and bright sunshine. We conclude from this that it cannot be bribed by audience numbers or reception behavior. Then a glass.

The first flag is set in scene by the Bergcafewirt himself.

Daniel Schürer, artist and exhibition organizer who has received awards and grants, dedicates his work to a small excerpt from a great Chilean artist - Violeta Parra - and thus to an interesting question.

What does consistency mean in an artistic work concept and how does a sentence move us in the wind.

The educational service of the Süddeutscher Kunstverein offers the flags to those interested in their flagpole

Violeta Parra: 1917-1967 / Chile

Gracias a la vida, "merci la vie". On saisit mieux la poignante énergie de ce chant si l'on sait qu'il s'agit d'un texts testament. En effet, peu de temps après l'avoir écrit, Violeta Parra s'est tiré une balle en pleine tête, elle avait 49 ans.

In cooperation with the state of Lower Saxony, the city of Hildesheim and the Via113 art association..