The Süddeutsche Kunstverein is installing a new wall inside the Bergcafe, for curiosity, for people, taking selected parameters into account, always pondering the question of how to get what information, when and where.

Saturday 18.3.2023 15°°
Organizer: Süddeutscher Kunstverein
Location: Bergcafe Reusten Am Kirchberg 14 72119 Reusten 0163/1733715

For this purpose, an area-wide construction was mounted on the wall, which provides a selection of DUMMY's for the visitors.

Dummy is an exceptional quarterly paper magazine, each approaching a topic from different directions.

(Home, BLACK WHITE, Jail, Air, Botch, Alone, Suicide, Police, Loser, Pigs....)

Each issue has been staged by a different art director since the year 2000, many of which contain unusual series of images, detailed and entertaining texts, thoughts, questions, oddities and the absurd.

This could perhaps be a DUMMY-COVER, but it isn't, it was made by D. Schürer for this project.